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For almost two centuries, fire and rescue services have been provided in Frederick County almost exclusively by volunteers. The volunteer fire and rescue service began in Frederick County in 1818 with the organization of the Independent Hose Company of Frederick, which is the oldest continuously active volunteer fire department in the State of Maryland.

Training generally includes a basic fire training program of 102 hours, for those individuals involved in responding to fire alarms. For emergency medical providers the emergency medical technician training program consists of 121 hours of instruction.  It is not required for volunteers to complete fire and EMS training.  They may take one or the other, or both, depending on their interest. Emergency responders also complete a healthcare provider CPR course and attend 24 hours of hazardous materials awareness training. These are the minimum levels of training required to become a responding member, and are offered free of charge to volunteer members of the fire company.  Additional training in more advanced areas such as advanced life support, hazardous materials control, heavy rescue, vehicle extrication, and emergency vehicle operations are available for volunteers interested in taking their service to the next level.

While many hours are spent with training and providing critical services to the community, time is also devoted to raising the necessary funds required to provide these services. While Frederick County funds a portion of the operating expenses of the departments, many of the capital expenditures such as the building and maintaining the stations and purchasing and maintaining the apparatus are financed through fundraising activities. 
Volunteer fire and rescue members are also involved in department administration and fire prevention activities as well as facility and equipment maintenance.

Many people take for granted the availability of timely fire, rescue and EMS services.  It's hard to imagine that a fire truck and/or ambulance wouldn't be there when you need it.  The dedicated men and women who provide these important services stand ready, willing, and able to respond.

We do need your support!  Whether you wish to volunteer as a responding member of the fire company, as a auxiliary member that assists with fundraising and other community events, or just share an important donation with the company, we appreciate any and all support that you and your family can give.

Carroll Manor Fire Company is always looking for new members.  Becoming a volunteer fire fighter or emergency medical technician is a lot of work, it is also a very rewarding experience. 
It gives you an opportunity to help others in your community and to benefit from the personal satisfaction that comes from this important service.
If you are interested in being a part of this interesting, exciting, and dedicated ‘profession’, please contact the personal committee  via email for more information about our orientation program and how you can help.

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